Friday, October 22, 2010

A Little Catching Up!!

I had to go back to see what was happening the last time I posted all the way back in August. That's not really a long time considering some of the blogs I follow have not been updated anywhere from several months to a year. That doesn't mean lives are busy and things aren't happening (laugh).

I've been offline for several weeks. Honestly, as much as I love being online with my various groups and friends, when it comes to bills, the intenet bill falls a bit low on the list. I'm sure many of you understand that. I mean if it comes to, say, paying for a field trip (we chaperones have to pay too!), well the field trip wins hands down. But I'm back. Can't keep me away too long.

I've been blessed with a housing voucher (formerly known as Section 8). I applied for it almost 3 years ago when Section 8 was once again made available. What a wonderful surprise that I received it, let alone being in the first grouping of numbers for which folks would be contacted within 3 years. The last group of numbers included folks that would have to wait as long as 8 years (from 2007) to be notified that they'd received it! So I will be moving in a few weeks. I am in the beginning stages of packing boxes. This comes at a good time since my Mom, at age 91, has been in Arkansas for the month of October visiting her brother. By the time she gets back I plan to be in our new place. As you know I am my Mom's primary/only caregiver so her visit has given us a nice little respite from each other. Keep in mind that I have 4 generations under my roof, the top 3 consisting of 3 women, ages 91, 59, & 29 . . . need I say more (lol). My daughter has her own apartment and I've encouraged her to spend more time there--not maliciously of course. But she is a grown woman with her own lifestyle and needs for her own privacy. And spending more time at her own home is what she wants. So this is a win-win situation for us all. So in the midst of preparing to move, I am still knitting, being a Boy Scout leader (of the Wolf Den that Khalil belongs to), taking the two oldest boys (Khalil, age 7 & Aiden, age 3) to Sunday School and church, etc., etc., etc. Life is good!