Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Back Into the Groove

I have missed my little blog. I have no defense for anyone who would say I couldn't have missed it that much since I've let almost a year go by since my last post. I should say no unique defense. Anything I offer as to my being an absentee blogger can simply be summed up in one word...LIFE! Shhh! It happens (lol).

I did complete my test knit of the Samantha (in the required time frame). I did techniques I'd never attempted before, will not be intimidated when and if I come across them again such as picot hems, etc. I'm glad I knitted it in a not really expensive yarn, but I could think of some yarns that would result in a beautiful version. Though I made a larger size, it was not meant to have ease. The body was not long enough for my tastes. I will post pictures of it one day soon.

I completed a ChicKnits summer sweater, the ChicKami---so easy!

Here's the biggie! I have been a Craft Yarn Council of America certified knitting instructor since 2001! I decided to put that to use. I contacted the CYCA to let them know I didn't need to take the new course, at a cost of $125...that I was already certified to teach at Michaels. So I've been allowed to teach at Michaels. Since I didn't have to pay for the courses, just get them done by a certain time frame, I decided to do both knitting and crochet. I really really really prefer knitting so I've drug my feet on the crochet end. I've taught a few crochet classes but I really prefer teaching the knitting classes. The coursework and what you have to do (submit homework samples to be critiqued by some of the top CYCA teachers) has become more stringent so I chose to do the revamped program. More about that later. Just had to start somewhere to get back to blogging.

Oh oh oh oh. I have to share that I taught my 8 year old grandson to knit (thumb cast on, knit & purl stitch) and crochet. He's taken to knitting like a fish to water! Next time!