Sunday, April 11, 2010


Okay, for those who are "waiting on it," nevermind (laugh). Here is what got me, the writer, excited. It was a job search for a head blog writer sponsored by that talented singer/songwriter Alicia Keys! All that it required was just a bit over the top for me and/or my lifestyle. So as soon as I read about, it was not a hard thought process for me to say that as great as it sounded, it was not what I wanted. Oh well. I'm just being realistic. It's a GREAT opportunity for someone looking for a career. At this stage in my life I'm not. I'm leaning more (no doubt just as unrealistically), looking for Trump to send me a check (for whatever reason), or Oprah to give me her blessings or midas touch (say on some handknitted item she sees on me in the street, absolutely loves, has to have, and brings me on her show to share--then comes the zillions of orders ala her bookclub, etc.,), or . . . well you get the picture. Now if someone wanted me to write for them, from home, no travel, pay me big bucks, well I'm okay with that. At this point don't want to travel too far out of my comfort zone for big rewards (laugh). So I'll keep looking. And will hold on to a bit of the fantasy. At least until Oprah ends her show this year, and probably her residency in the Windy City which will rule out ANY bumping into her and her seeing that knitted piece she just has to have, and . . . oops, the helium is taking me away from earth again!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I've been trying to work my way back to my blog. I was a reluctant blogger in the first place, then got excited/addicted to blogging only to have some major "Look Gran'Ma" moments interrupt my flow. But saw a report on Good Morning America that inspired me (not necessarily to blog) to get back to and using my blog to try for something. My blog would, I figure, be a wonderful part of the complete package to via for this "something." I will share it in detail later! So wait on it (laugh). I will be back. Got to take care of some "Look Gran'Ma" stuff. My blog name, Look Gran'Ma, alludes to those things big or small, good or not so good, etc., that tends to interrupt my life or more specifically that Me Time. But in all those interruptions, I know they are a part of life, wanted and unwanted. And those unwanted moments are a time for me to become one with my beliefs about being there for others (especially for family), being there with a willingness of heart and a smile on my face. Love You All