Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nothing special, just a quiet Sunday

It's Sunday. Quiet. Peaceful. In large part because all four of the Grandkids are out with their Mother at the pool. A rarity. My only demand is that she bring them all back the way they left, breathing! I've put up with the noise that comes with four young ones waking up, eating bowl after bowl of cereal; helping Mom to get her day started, which is no small feat as her caregiving needs are great. But that's okay. She had a lovely breakfast thanks to Chef Me. I have spent (and am still spending time) time on the computer, Ravelry, knitting, etc. As I helped Mom get from her bedroom to her wheelchair in the living room so she could sit by the open window enjoying the breeze and looking out it hit me once again how far she's come given her health issues since November of 2012. She is still receiving treatment and recuperating but on a different road than one I thought given what she's gone through. She's a tough old lady!!!!

But before I continue on about Mom and her being the inspiration for this post I have to tell you I got sidetracked as I pulled up the Internet to add the photos I just took of Mom to my Flickr account. News items pop up on my homepage. Several caught my eye but the one news story that pulled me in was the article about the wing walker who was just killed in the horrific crash the other day at the Dayton Air Show. I wasn't content with just the written article. I went to Youtube and viewed several videos of the crash as well as the interview with the young woman prior to her performance. I don't know if it's a curse or a blessing to have the ability to have such news in it's fullest at our fingertips these days. But the fact remains that it is there and I won't debate what draws us to it, but we are drawn.

At any rate, I thought what would this young woman be doing this beautiful day had things gone differently. She has two teenage children. Does she have any pets or hobbies? What would she be planning for dinner? Would she be on the phone with her parents or friends or siblings? Life is short. It doesn't have to be a stunt-plane wing-walking crash to take us out. It could be anything. There's no rhyme or reason for my including these wonderings in this post or for latching on to Jane Wicker's story and untimely (in our human understanding) and tragic death (these were her choices). It is just one of many possible stories that could make me appreciate the simplicity and blessings of this day as I focus on my 94-year-old Mother still being here, in my/our lives given the odds that say she shouldn't and Jane Wicker should be.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

This, that, and the other . . . catching up!

Catching up after some weeks is better than doing so after months or even years. Easier to get to the point or points without agonizing on what has occurred.

Mom begin gentle (if there's such a thing) chemo treatments. She's had about 3 weeks with a week off. Her labs (blood work) have been excellent. She has a wonderful oncologist, Dr. Haddad, who specializes in cancer in the elderly. A change in the home aid that provides services to Mom has been a blessing to put it mildly. The first aid was just too young at age 19 and did not have the experience to deal with an elderly person--not the skills or life experiences. She did not have the ability to anticipate a client's needs nor engage in meaningful conversation because of the huge gap in generational age. Mom looks forward to the arrival of Ann, our current aid and is more than willing to follow the aids suggestions, directives, etc.

We had a birthday celebration on June 8. We actually celebrated two birthdays--Khalil turned 10 on June 9th, and Aiden turned 6 on May 22nd. I splurged on a cake for each of them ($25.00 a piece). Not until they couldn't blow out the candles did I realize in my haste I had bought trick candles! Duh me! We had a barbecue. Grandpa came over and manned the grill. The boys racked up with money and toys. I told the parents the 6:00 pm end time was not written in stone since it was such a perfect day (no rain, just right temps with no humidity) to play play play. Man kids can eat!!! There was no such thing as too much chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, juice, etc., etc. The boys both said it was the best birthday ever. I told them, just wait until next year! If it is God's will. They ain't seen nothing yet.

Finally, though my life seems busier, I am finding more time to knit!!!!! My latest effort involves 2-stranded color knitting AND STEEKING thanks to designer Deborah Tomasello. I voluntarily involved myself in a MAL (mystery knit-along--you don't know what you're making until the end or near the end). The pattern is given a clue at a time! Clues are usually imbedded in Debi's various projects that she directs you to. This is the first time I've attempted color knitting (Faire Isle), let alone steeking (enables you to cut your knitting at some point and it doesn't ravel. I really appreciate Debi's unique approach to teaching (not saying this is her only way). I'm the one who needs to be in a class with a teacher at elbow. I had a few missteps and start-overs (I could not stand the thought of incorporating the mistakes whether anyone else knew they were there or not--I would know). I've done a pretty good job if I must say so myself. It's nice that I've gotten a compliment or two from my teacher.

Before I show you my handiwork, here are a few links to Debi!

Debi's website:

The link below highlights her gallery on the Croton Council on the Arts:

You don't have to be a member of Ravelry to view this group.

That is all!