Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beginnings . . .

Well here I am! Finally. I've always wanted to blog, but blogs just seemed to be so self-serving; the epitome of putting one's EGO on the proverbial pedestal. Blogs would have gone over well during the Me Generation of the 70s, 80s, & 90s. I mean, with millions of Blogs already out there, and more to come, who but your friends are going to want to read them, I ask? What makes me think that what I have to say will be so compelling (laugh) that my Blog will be the "must read first" of each day. Those already exist, by the way. But there is a wonderful appeal to blogging I have to admit. It can be therapeutic. Also, who knows? Maybe someone will pick up on it and want to create a sit-com based on a blog. Mine specifically, thank you. There's some sit-com coming out (saw it on Oprah) about Motherhood, based on a trio of clever Moms who blogged about being Moms. I mean who sees this stuff, out of millions of blogs, for them to tap into a blog and create a show around it???? Okay! But without us Grandmothers, there'd be no Mommies or Grandkids!!!! So hello. I hope substantial reference on this show to come is made about Grandmothers. If not, then MY BLOG should be the kickoff for such a show.

This leads me to the title of my Blog. I bet you were dying to know. A few days ago, while I was waiting for my 90-year-old Mother to get dressed so I could take her to the doctor, I decided to knit a few rows on a little Debbie Bliss designed jacket that I'm making for my Granddaughter Olivia (who's probably outgrown it at 4 months). Khalil, my 5-year-old Grandson and Olivia's big brother, was blowing bubbles and must have said to me with each bubble, "Look Gran'Ma." Those words stuck!!!! Like some Pavlovian signalled response, I stopped each time and gave him my full attention. Then my brain droppings expanded to think how symbolic his words were for ALL of the interruptions (large and small, wanted or unwanted) in my life that kept me from fully devoting time to the things that I love to do, things that are stress-busters, blah blah blah! So that is why my blog is titled "Look Gran'Ma." Enjoy


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!! I looking forward to hearing about your wonderful grands. Up to now my blog has been mostly knitting, but maybe I'll follow the leader and add more about the g'children. Love ya!!

  2. Thank you Janet. You are the first here. I didn't want to be all over the place so I tried to pick out the things I wanted to talk about the most. So I'll talk about my Grandkids, but also knitting, caregiving my Mom, The Temptations & music of course and a couple of special areas of interest such as Breast Cancer since I'm a 10-year survivor and Domestic Violence. I'm still thinking about how I do those last two. But I am so glad you are here.

  3. Yahoo! I'm so glad you started this and I promise to read you daily. Being reminded that life is a gift, and precious, helps me more than you can know.

    On a serious note, I got an email last night that of the last 5 young men killed in Iraq, one is the son of a HS classmate. When searching online I saw an interview with my classmate, praising God. I am moved beyond words, with love for him, and thankfulness to the Lord, and remembering that every day is a joyful gift to cherish.

    Thanks for this gift today to all of us!