Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Khalil

It Was Only Yesterday . . .
. . . that I watched you being born!!!!!! Where did 6 years go? How did they fly by so fast????? You talk to me now. Sometimes too much (laugh)!!! Like now, you're on the balcony with your Great Grandmother, but still talking to me. My bedroom is very near the front balcony and my window is opened. I just told you, "shush." You are loud. But, you have such a gifted vocabulary, using words, that we wondered where you learned them from, in their proper context. I told you recently that you could be the next Barak Obama. You said there already was one. I didn't try to explain what being the "next" was as opposed to actually being that person; that that's not possible. I told you that you and your family--wife, children--could live in the White House. You said you just wanted to be an Uncle. We have such interesting conversations. I had to chuckle to myself (and proud Grandma that I am, I didn't try to correct you either) when in the next room I overheard you tell your mother that she wasn't the boss of you, that I (Grandma) was!!!!! All your mother, my daughter, could say was that we were both the boss of you. Where the heck did you get that??? Was that in a Tom Cruise movie? I know that statement about somebody completing somebody else was. But you don't know Tom Cuise from vacation cruise. And you've never seen any of his movies. You love hanging out with your Granddad, Uncle, cousins, the various friends of mine, Granddad, etc. In your innocent little existence you often say you wish we could all live in the same house. I will cherish everything about you as you grow. But I will miss the innocence that all children lose as they grow to adulthood. I hope the next 6 years don't go by as fast.


  1. He is adorable! And they do grow up too fast. Happy Birthday.

  2. i know what you mean ... when did my little girl grow up to have children of her own .. I just brought her home from the hospital last week and now she has teenagers of her own ...