Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I finally finished my Travelling Woman Shawl. During the course of the project I actually communicated with the designer Liz via email. I finished this before the deadline that our KAL leader gave us. But not without some angst!!!!! Several times before I neared the end I made and corrected a few minor mistakes. Lifelines and markers played a prominent role in my not getting totally frustrated and/or giving up. It was near the end, I mean literally the end during the bind off (you really have to stay focused doing the P2TOG bindoff)--even the lifeline a few rows above couldn't save me from the mess I made. I'm glad it happened--my bindoff was too tight anyway. But after I had finished the bindoff, was pulling the lifeline out, something unravelled---aaarrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I knew this wasn't something I was going to be able to fix myself. So I took it to Loopy Yarns. CONGRATS ON THE 5TH ANNIVERSARY LOOPY!!!! Of course the wonderful staff will help you, but they also help you to help yourself--you will learn from your mistakes. I managed to rip back, and didn't do too shabby of a job putting stitches back on the needle before they unravelled any further. Anyhoo, a bit gun-shy, I waited a day or two before tackling the TW again. This time, I said the heck to any lifeline! I did use my markers. Used a size larger needle to do the P2TOG bindoff. This time success. Blocked it & voila. I'm hooked on shawls, lace shawls to be exact and the fear factor of tackling lace is gone!!!! I didn't bother with the points. This is only the scarf size.