Saturday, May 30, 2009


Short-lived Cynicism
As usual, before I hit my main topic of Celebrations, I want to share this epiphany I had. At the start of my blog I expressed some cynicism about blogging and the interest others might have in what I want and/or have to say. I think I think too much! First I like, and prefer, this type of "journaling" as opposed to using paper and pen because of the visual nature of blogging and the ease of editing as I compose. Secondly, it's not about the opinions (though they are important) of others, but the uniqueness of the interests and daily lives of others. It's another way of being exposed to new ideas, of learning about new things. It's another way of getting to know others in a way that doesn't require the initial physical investment of getting to know a "stranger." And, no doubt, the footwork is already done when and if friendships develop and step out from behind the anonymity of the computer. I was concerned about how often I'd post, or should post. It's about when you have something to say, when you feel like saying something, and when you have the time! But I couldn't wait to post to share the celebrations of this week.

Birthdays & Graduation
The past week started out with two of my grandsons turning two years old celebrated in a shared birthday party. Aiden and Camren (holding the big red cup) are my daughter's and son's children respectively. Aiden was born on May 22nd, 2007 and Camren on May 23rd. Camren wasn't due until July, but his little mother had several seizures and her blood pressure shot up which made it necessary for him to be born by C-section. Camren was so so tiny. Aiden on the other hand--well I've called him SAUSAGE from day one, and have done so, so much, until I've had to momentarily think of what his real name when folks have asked. There was such a wonderful crowd of family and friends to help the boys celebrate, from little cousins, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. I had to go to work that night, but the celebration made being a little bit more tired so worth it!

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten!!?!???
The day we've (especially me) all been waiting for. Especially me since I footed the bill, from tuition (making the last payment the morning of), field trip expenditures, uniforms, you name it!!! My Khalil graduated kindergarten May 29th at 9am. I was dissapointed they did not have caps and gowns but that was not a big thing. The children were beautiful, all dressed up in their Sunday best. They recited poems and sung three songs. The program was just the right length, thank goodness separate from the graduation of the 8th graders which was held during Mass last Sunday. In addition to me, Khalil's Great-grandmother, grandfather, uncle, siblings and one little cousin were all there. The night before my son brought me his digital, handheld camcorder. Without instructions!!!!!! He says to me, "Oh Mom, you have all night to figure it out." I did. Now I just have to figure out how to put it on the video section of my computer. So I'm taking photos with my digital camera with one hand and video recording with the other!!! Khalil thinks school is over. Ha!!! Until we find a summer program to put Khalil in, I literally have a "classroom" set up in the spare bedroom. This is where we did homework all year--a nice quiet place, an environment conducive to learning. So, come Monday morning and each weekday thereafter, he will continue writing morning stories, adding the dates to his calendar and practing how to say, "today is Monday, June 1st, 2009" as he points to the various components. He will continue to learn to sound out words, practice reading and math, etc. When my son saw this room, he told his sister (Khalil's mother), you go to sleep in this room, you'll wake up smart. But anyway, my Khalil received awards for handwriting, math and volunteering in the classroom, maybe something else too. I already have him registered for 1st grade. Is it too early to register him for Harvard, Princeton???? Probably. But I'm sure it's not too early to start saving. And, it's not over. Khalil will be turning 6 years old on June 9th. I've already printed out the Chuck E. Cheese cupons!!! My goodness, it seems it was just yesterday that he was born.


  1. What a great story!! You are all so lucky to have each other...thanks for sharing!!! :=)

  2. Thank you so so much Knitting Nurd. Though things get a bit overwhelming and noisy sometimes I wouldn't make any changes at all.

  3. You're doing great things Gran'Ma. Make sure you make some ME time.


  4. Thank you my friend. I promise to make that ME time. I know if I can't change a situation I must change how I react to it.

  5. Harvard or Princeton would be lucky to get Khalil. :)
    The gift of his education will be the best gift he will ever get. Thanks Gran'ma.
    Your May and June birthdays and celebrations are just like my house...crazy!!