Monday, August 23, 2010

The Challenge Begins

We started the KAL for the Travelling Woman Shawl yesterday, Sunday, August 22. My plans totally fell through to connect with one of the ladies, at Stitches Midwest, that I was going to get to help me get started. While I understood/could intllectualize the initial set-up row, I still wasn't getting it. I'm not one to beat my head against the wall. I eased on over to Loopy Yarn where a lovely, talented young woman named Erica, that Vicki has added to her staff, helped me with the set up row--actually showing me a better, easier way of doing it. Then like several of the other ladies, I had to rip back until I got my YOs right. How often have we had to YO before a purl stitch. Not often. I viewed a couple of YouTube videos to refresh my memory of YO techniques. I will be using lifelines along the way; a wise thing to do, I think, in lace knitting! I'm going to stick with my Addis though the fingering yarn is slippery. I would use a wooden needle but I can't bear the thought of the stitches getting caught as I attempt to slide them on to the needle. I can't afford to go buy any wooden Addis right now. But I am at a comfortable spot in this challenge. It helps that my 7-year-old grandson started school today. Though today is not a full day, my mornings will once again be mine, to knit my happy little heart out. We complete this KAL on September 27th. I mean the world is not going to blow up if we don't. The main thing is no undue stress and this is for fun. But something in me wants to live up to this challenge. I will post a photo of my beginnings as soon as I get some batteries for my camera!

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