Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Medley

Though I haven't posted in tiny little while, I have been busy. I don't like to post just for the sake of posting--want to have something to say, and to show! Even the title of my post must have some significance (I'm not trying to be too anal about it.)! So because I wanted to talk about two different (or not so different) things in the same post, I had to think of a title that would be meaningful, at least to me. I'm going to always explain it if I need to (laugh). Both topics are connected by, what else, KNITTING!

My new "rule" is that I not work on more than two major projects at a time. I'm working on a Sally Melville Einsteing Coat and a top down Scoop Neck T by Diane Soucy (founder/owner/designer) of Knitting Pure & Simple. I have a KAL which I will start on August 22, 2010. I've finished the biggest part of the Scoop Neck T. I just haven't gone back to Loopy to get the remaining yarn for the neck and sleeves which will be a piece of cake. But here is a photo of the body, with hanging markers which were placed so I could keep track of the inches and places where I needed to increase and decrease. The body fits wonderfully. 

My new rule, well it's not so new, it's just I'm enforcing it more--is making sure I have more ME time at home (knitting uinterrupted) and away from home! So I went to my first Stitch n Pitch this year. This is a charitable endeavor that takes place each year nationwide, uniting knitting and major league baseball. I'm not a baseball fan (too slow moving). I looovvveee NBA basketball. I've hesitated to go before because I have a real issue with heights, particularly slanted heights like that found in U. S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox. But my dear LYS owner (of Loopy Yarns) Vicki assured me, as did several other knitting friends, AND the gentleman at U. S. Cellular field that took my call and patiently answered questions about the seating, that they were not high up. Oh, I also looked the seating chart up on the ballpark's web site AND pulled up a couple of YouTube videos. I went. It is an understatement to say the park is beautiful. IT IS. Could turn me into a baseball fan (not really)! The seats were wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Vicki put me on an outside seat. Thank God for that. Sitting in the middle of a row (seating is so narrow) would have been reason enough for me to leave. My bladder would have found out and made me have to go to the bathroom, even if I didn't need to over and over! Vicki sat me next to another knitter named Pat and we chatted up a storm. We left together since we both had to walk to the Red Line (public transportation), with her going North and me South. It was such a lovely evening, inspite of the intense humidity--thank God for the breeze. It was so nice just to be in the company of fellow knitters; and the men represented. Loved seeing the men knitting in public. I regret not taking any photos. But I did take a couple of photos of my SnP gift, a lovely bag perfect for small knittng projects.

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