Thursday, May 23, 2013

A day late, but that's okay!

Yesterday was such a 'Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' (a sun-shine filled day with near perfect temperatures). A day befitting the 6th birthday of my 2nd Grandson, Aiden.

I've always said I can't see/use the word job in the same sentence with the word child/children. Epiphany (favorite word thanks to 25 years of Oprah)! I can, however, see the word fight, or more appropriately 'fight for' in the same sentence with the word child/children. And no one should fight more fiercely than a mother, or WILL, than a grandmother! I am fighting now for my Aiden's right to graduate from Kindergarten. Yes, Kindergarten! It is a grade level that is not even mandated in the State of Illinois though some politico is trying to change that law. This post would be way too long if I spelled out the details and reasons I am I will just include a few links that highlight the lack of merit in retention at any grade level. A child who enters school for the first time at age 6 or 7 and/or 1st grade is at the same advantage/disadvantage of a child who does not graduate Kindergarten. Clearly with the spate of PreK/daycare facilities a child who does enter school for the first time until the age of 6 or 7 is probably at a disadvantage. But that's okay, because it just forces the teacher to do what they've been trained teach and to teach to the different ability levels, barring any real or significant need for special education intervention.;2-7/abstract

In spite of this little glitch which will not be allowed to be earth-shattering for Aiden if it does not work out the way I want it to, nothing, NOTHING could have made yesterday any less a 'Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!'

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