Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can this be real?

What an unbelievably peaceful Sunday. At least for me. It doesn't take much these days. The weather is beautiful, hovering somewhere around 60 degrees, a bit over cast with a forecast of possible rain showers. Two of the grandchildren are sleep. The other two are outside. I hear a bouncing ball. The yard is enclosed and with windows open on both sides, the front and back of my apartment, I can hear most all that is going on. Yet I will still get up for a visual periodically. I've just eaten a!...didn't know this late, breakfast of blueberry (frozen) waffles and an all beef hot dog. My eating habits have been honed by years of feeding kids. If you are honest with yourself, you know Mac & Cheese and Chicken nuggets are the bomb

Bottom photo by Khalil Blakes
   I got up with the thought of getting eagle-eye focused when it comes to my crafts, knitting in particular. Motivated by the fact that I will collect my first social security check in September. That means more money (that I don't have to worry about where it's coming from) to spend on yarn, yarn, yarn, kits, knit classes, conventions, etc. So that means clearing out the old for the anticipated new stuff. There are WIPs and OTNs (works in progress and on the needle for you non knitters/crafters) to be completed. Thank goodness I take meticulous notes so that I can pick up where I left off, usually months (maybe years) ago! Case in point, the pink baby blanket pictured here, well the LYS (local yarn store/shop) has been closed for almost two years now. I bought the yarn a good 2+ years before it closed! The stash yarn (these are not no longer identifiable skeins) will now go for practice, making doll clothes for my Granddaughter's dolls, toys, etc. So, signing off and going back to my knitting now. That is really the cherry on top of the 'peaceful day.'

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