Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's really free?

It is said The Best Things in Life Are Free (you know how the rest of the song goes but I'm ignoring that part). The best things in life are free, I truly believe this. As a Facebook post going around says, they are:

  • hugs
  • smiles
  • friends
  • kisses
  • family
  • sleep
  • love
  • laughter
  • good memories
From occurrences this morning I will add:
  • Watching my youngest grandson show me the fingernails he's painted blue . . . when I asked him to show me his toenails when prompted by his mother.
  • Watching Mom, who is in recuperation mode, eat ALL of her breakfast that I prepared for her (Jimmy Dean sausage, raisin toast w/margarine, buttery & sugary oats with hot milk added, orange juice, and eggs--and she's finicky about her eggs)!
  • Kibitzing with the guys behind the counter at the corner gas station where I go get my morning cup of coffee when I don't have any at home.
What are the "free" things in your life that bring you simple pleasures? Sometimes you have to just notice a little harder. They are there!

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