Saturday, January 18, 2014

Not Too Far Into the New Year ~ 2014!

Happy New Year!!!! So what if it is 18 days into the new year (laugh). Better late than never right?

Each new year starts with so many hopes and promises to self. Then it all sort of fizzles out until I once again find myself gaining steam toward the same new promises to self at the end of the soon-to-be old year! Well this year, because it hit me like a ton of bricks just how I was NOT putting myself in the equation where I am also taking better care of myself, I simply took a deep breath and INCLUDED myself! That simple. Words! What about action(s)? I am surprised at how excited I am about doing so, having a calendar full of doctor appointments for what should have been the norm, not the exception. Thus far I have had the diabetic eye exam (my 10-year-old diabetic eyes are just fine, thank you). I have a foot doctor's appointment coming up (I will marry a podiatrist in my next life.) On a more sobering note, I had a thyroid biopsy done and that too came out okay! I will join a health club. Just a click of a button away on the computer. My new doctors have put me on another insulin regimen and just in the few short weeks my numbers are so improved. I was already 98% compliant with taking care of myself so I've had no real problems with my diabetes. And the coup de grace (or is it coup de gras? or does it matter?), when I get my dental work done, Denzel Washington's wife will just have to give him up. But then wait. As fine as he is, he did just turn 59. Nawwww, I don't want anyone as old as me.

So now! I feel a lot better about including myself in the equation. That can only help me take better care of the family that I am blessed with. I just saw a Facebook posting that goes something like this..."If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. If Grandma ain't happy...RUN!" Kind of sums things up here.

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