Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

It is going to be another hot day here, but it is a gorgeous day! So many things make this day beautiful and let's me know how blessed I am. My Mom is 91, soon to be 92 on November 4th. Her mind (and sometimes her tongue) is SHARP! I see where I get a whole lot of my independance from (even though at times, as an only child, I felt smothered and overprotected). Well I'd told Mom I'd take her to church today, via cab. I woke up, my ankles hurt (bone spurs), were swollen, and I was tired. So I apologized to her and rolled back over. Next thing I knew she was back at my bedroom door telling me to call her a cab. Okay! I have a wonderful relationship with the small cab company I've been riding in for over 43 some years so it's never any problem to get a cab, the same driver, blah blah blah. I loaded her into the cab. She has her cell phones (not just 1 but 2). Unbeknownst to her I called the rectory and told someone Mom was there, described her and asked for them watch out for her. If she'd known, Mom would have chewed my head off. We have a long history with St. Dorothy parish and church. When church was over, there were several cab drivers that called me to see if I needed them. I told one to not gulp his breakfast down, that we'd get someone else. So when Mom's cab pulled up, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. At an age when so many are losing their independance, getting out on "her own" really went a long way to make Mama feel good. She was like a spot of bright color on the canvass of today, this Beautiful Sunday.


  1. How blessed you are to have your Mom still with you and so active. You gave me a big smile when I read this. My Mom will be 94 in October. Her mind is sharp, but she can't get around on her own and last Fall we had to get her into care. It hasn't been easy, but now she has made friends there and we see her a lot.

  2. Mar,
    It is a blessing to have Mom still here. You are as blessed as well. It's hard seeing them at the end of their lives and the loss of independance so I try to always remember that it is not easy being old and bringing Mom joy is a top priority.