Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

God has blessed me to complete another year, my 59th to be exact. My faith in Him endures. I am human. I have anxieties, fears, fears of leaving this life as I know it--my grands, my family, my friends (new & old & future), my yarn, my books, the music I listen to, the favorite foods I like to indulge in, etc., etc., etc. But I have no real fear of a physical death as long as I trust my Father; as long as I have a relationship with Him; as long as I continue to realize how BLESSED I am to reach this point in my life when so many others have not. I am not more special than the next person in God's sight, so I am humbled by my blessings each and every day, moment, second.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

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