Monday, July 26, 2010

Perks of Being a Knitter

Yarn crafters, creative folks no matter the medium are a different breed of people. This is pretty much the same, I guess, as any group of folks joined by a bond that others are not a part of (actors, members of sports teams, etc.). We connect! Simple as that. We already have much to talk about, common experiences to share, etc. We eventually meet---maybe because we keep running into each other at yarn stores either making purchases and/or taking a class, or at knitting conventions,  or belonging to the same knittng groups, etc. Ravelry is a social networking site, like FaceBook or MySpace, but it's members are joined first by the yarn crafts/arts (knitting, crocheting, knitwear design, spinning/dying one's own yarns, etc.) then by other similar interests. For instance I'm the founder/moderator/administrator of a 300+ member Grandmother's group! And we're all close (lol). Many of us have met. I'm a member of a group dedicated to Motown (& it's music and musicians/singers). I am a member of groups for my two favorite LYSs here in Chicago, Loopy Yarns and My Sister's Knit. So I have met many knitters here in the Chicago area. That is reason enough to keep a camera in my purse (I do anyway). Sooooooooooo, as a result, finally coming to the end of this post (it's knitted related), I have another photo to share. This is of Nerissa (a fellow knitter and Ravelry member) and me when she happened to stop by my former job one day. What a nice surprise it was. Oh we've since run into again, talked on the phone and texted each other. We'll probably next see each other when we go to White Sox Park (Cellular Field) for the annual Stitch n Pitch on August 11.

Nerissa (aka Bravebird on Ravelry) & Susan (aka Droppedstitch2 on Ravelry)

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