Monday, July 12, 2010

A New Friend

Knitting, knitting groups (from the LYSs, online, etc.), and the internet has lessened that 6 degrees of separation. Knitters are meeting each other because we live close together, because vacations brings us close, due to knitting/yarn fiber conventions, markets, etc., because we are more alike than different; and in addition to all the other ways we are bonded, the fiber arts/crafts bonds us in ways that are just as unique as, say championship winning sports teams, support group members, etc. (Let me stop. That sentence has become too much of a run-on sentence which I abhor!)

I had the pleasure of meeting another knitter and her husband who came all the way from the U.K. Sue and I are members of a Ravelry group I founded called Grandma's Hand. She and I spent Sunday, June 27th together and of course I took her to one of my favorite LYSs, Loopy Yarns (see link). We took photos which I am sharing here. It was hot and humid as all get out, but we walked and chatted from the Sheraton Hotel @ 300 N. Water Street (across from NBC Tower and just north of the Chicago River all the way to the South Loop, 47 West Polk. Now I love walking but not on a day as humid as this. It shows (lol).

 Top 2 bottom: Peter & Sue Speechley @ Sheraton; Sue looking over the yarns at Loopy; Sue & Loopy staff, Vicki (owner who so graciously came in to her shop that day to meet Sue & me), Stephen B. (I just adore him), and Liz (doesn't she remind you of Rhea Pearlman?); Sue making her purchase, Stephen behind counter; and finally back at the hotel at the end of the day, Sue S. & Sue B. (hated to see the day/visit end).


  1. Hi. So happy that you started this blog. It's amazing how small the world is now that we have the internet and Ravelry. I look forward to reading more of your blogposts.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Pics of me..... am now following your blog, look forward to seeing what you write