Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Really Excited Now!

I'm excited about this blog. Glad I am devoting it to strictly knitting (with a little life background). I worried about the title a bit, but hey, you have to color outside of the lines a bit no matter how old you are! My blog title is significant in that it, again, speaks to a personal challenge I've made to myself. I've been knitting a long long time and feel at this point I should be a master knitter. It is so wonderful to see the level of expertise and confidence that many who've not been knitting for a long time are at. Well in my defense, the help that is out here now just wasn't there when I started and/or in such abundance. There were not that many knit shops or knitting groups/clubs. And there definitely was not the online help that there is now. Sometimes I think knitting classes are mainly for the camraderie because you can learn just about anything from the knitting videos that are out. As I move forward what are some of my challenges? Well like many knitters, it is to finish WIPs and OTNs and UFOs. I am so anal that I write out my patterns and know exactly where to pick up when I start on an unfinished project again. Two other challenges are lace knitting and design. I'm not trying (if it happens hey, that's okay too) to be a Lily Chin or Shirley Paden or a Veronik Avery or a Kristen Rengren!!! But I think it would behoove ANY knitter to know how to create a basic design. Can't get more personal than that to know that what you're wearing is probably a one of a kind, but it's your own design. First things first!

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